Overview of the submission process at JATRS

The submission process to JATRS is - in principle - similar to other journals in the area. The details of the process and the ramifications are explained in detail below. All submissions to JATRS need to undergo a single-blind peer-review process. Here, single-blind means that authors do not know the reviewers' identity. The full manuscript submission process consisting of the following steps. If you have questions, please get in touch with our Editorial board.

  1. The authors submit a manuscript to the journal using the JATRS submission system. Please note that you must be logged in with the role author to the system in order to submit a manuscript. You can log in here. When submitting to the journal, a manuscript title, an abstract, author information, have been provided, together with a manuscript file upload. Please remember to prepare the manuscript with the templates provided here.
  2. The editorial board will assess the fit of the submission according to the aims and scope of JATRS. In addition, an initial screening of language and formatting will be performed. Please check our formal requirements, covering aspects of language, formatting, and visualization. At this stage, the submission might be returned to the authors, either temporally (to revised aspects) or ultimately (as a desk-reject).
  3. Once the initial submission check is passed successfully, the manuscript will be sent out for review to experts from the ATRS community. In this context, it is important that each submission to JATRS acknowledges the earlier work and novel contribution to the community. Without such explicit references and statements, the novelty of the manuscript cannot be assessed appropriately. In addition, diligently acknowledging other researchers related work will make it easier for the editorial board to identify qualified reviewers for the submission.
  4. The remaining steps depend on the recommendation of the expert reviewers. The submission might either successfully undergo a number of revisions or be rejected eventually. This process is alike to other journals in the field.
  5. The manuscript will be formally accepted once there are no more open unaddressed reviewer comments and all formal requirements for publication in JATRS have been satisfied by the authors.